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Details Matter

Details Matter When Creating Patterns of Success By Gene Coleman, Ed. D., RSCC*E Being on time matters. Being focused matters. Being a good teammate matters. Following directions matters. Doing the little things matters. Doing things the right way matters. Respecting your parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, coaches, umpires and opponents matters. How you behave in the […]

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Job Posting: Mets

Job Description:  In coordination with the Performance Coaching Coordinator, this position is responsible for leading the implementation of the Dominican Republic Academy Strength & Conditioning Program. This includes but is not limited to leading the S&C weight room training, on-field movement skill development, pre-pitching/hitting skill acquisition activations, conditioning sessions and performance profiling testing. This position

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Sports Psychology: Dealing with the Perfectionist

Sports Psychology : Dealing with the Perfectionist Dave Yukelson, Ph. D. I deal with high achieving perfectionists all the time, telling a perfectionist to relax or chill is usually not the best approach, it is not the way they are wired. I like to talk with athletes about Adaptive vs. Maladaptive perfectionism. One of the characteristics

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