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Goals & Objectives

Our Commitment to Helping You Achieve Your Full Potential

“The PBSCCS is an organization represented by major and minor league strength and conditioning coaches from each MLB organization. Its focus is to provide education, community outreach awareness, and long term athletic development information about our roles and responsibilities in professional baseball. This objective is completed by the collaboration of its active membership.

Further, a long term goal of the PBSCCS is to be a resource to parents, players, and coaches for information about improving baseball athletic development in our nation’s youth.”


Internal Goals & Objectives :

  • To improve the on field performance of professional baseball players and reduce time lost due to injury

  • Educate PBSCCS membership, professional baseball players, coaches, athletic trainers, front office staff, governing bodies, government agencies, and the general public on how to safely and legally improve baseball performance through training, nutrition, and recovery strategies

  • Serve as the highest authority for strength and conditioning practices as they relate to baseball players

  • Support research in strength and conditioning in baseball and disseminate the results for practical application

  • Provide career advice for advancement and professional opportunities for young strength and conditioning coaches

  • Provide continuing education to all members of the PBSCCS through online resources and the annual conference, among other resources

  • Establish, promote, and enforce standards and guidelines regarding strength and conditioning coach qualifications and hiring practices

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and look forward to being a part of your journey to success..

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