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Watch & Learn from Our Baseball Strength Videos

Immerse yourself in a library of informative and inspiring baseball strength videos at the Professional Baseball Strength & Coaches Society. Our extensive collection covers a wide range of topics, including proper techniques, training drills, conditioning exercises, and more. Whether you're a player, coach, or baseball enthusiast, our videos provide valuable insights and guidance to help you improve your skills and maximize your performance. Access our growing video library and elevate your understanding of baseball-specific strength and conditioning principles. Learn from the experts and take your game to the next level.

Split-Squat 1-Arm Row with Rotation

Combining Baseball Skills & Movement in Same Drill

Jose Salas, Touch and Go Box Squat

Landmine Pull, Rotate & Press

Exercises with overhead band resistance – Bruce Peditto

Increase ROM in T-spine & Hip at Same Time

Sprinting from a secondary lead step, shuffle, run

Hip Flexibility & T-Spine Mobility Exercises

Increase ROM in T-spine & Hip at Same Time

Kneeling Squat Jump

Stealing 2nd Base with Mike Trout

How to round 2nd

Base Running Rounding the Bag

Push-Open-Push. First step when stealing 2nd Base

Baserunning Home to First Base

Analysis of 10-Yard Sprint

Resisted Lat Bounds

How to round 2nd

Bent knee side plank with hip lift & row

Plate Lift & Chop

Wheel Drill

Lean, Fall and Run Drill

T-Spine Exercises part 1 By Somerville

T-Spine Exercises part 2 By Somerville

Lean, Fall and Run Drill

Dead Bug by Gonzalez

Hip & Shoulder Separation By Sadler

MD Throws

Iso MD Ball Throws

T-Spine Exercises part 2 By Somerville

Hip Mobility Part 1, By Al Sandoval

Hip Mobility Part 2. By Al Sandoval

MB Rotational Throws

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