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Join a vibrant community of baseball enthusiasts and gain access to a range of exclusive benefits by becoming a member of the Professional Baseball Strength & Coaches Society. Take advantage of our extensive resources, cutting-edge training programs, and opportunities to connect with fellow players and coaches. Elevate your skills, expand your knowledge, and stay ahead of the game with our membership. Discover the advantages of being a part of our dedicated community and enhance your journey in the world of baseball strength and conditioning.

Affiliate Sponsorship

$ 750
  • The Affiliate Sponsorship level allows for vendors who are unable to attend the 2023 Winter Meetings Tradeshow to show their support to the PBSCCS through a donation that Willa id in miscellaneous costs incurred at the meetings. This sponsorship will allow your company to send brochures and samples only that will be distributed to all attending members.

Webinar ONLY Vendor

$ 1,500
  • The WEBINAR ONLY VENDOR will participate in each or the PBSCCS webinar individually. This is a great option if you only want to participate in the webinars. This DOES NOTT include the 2022 Winter Meetings. Each vendor will supply us with a 1-minute view of their product to promote in between presentations.

Major League Vendor

$ 3,500
  • The vendor opportunity allows for the vendor to create business relationships with the strength and conditioning coaches in Major League Baseball as well as promote new products/services or re-enforce existing product lines and services. Fee includes an exhibit table for the product show room, and an invitation to our cocktail reception.

All-Star Sponsorship

$ 6,500
  • The All-Star sponsorship allows companies to show their support for the PBSCCS society by being one of our primary symposium sponsors. Your company name will be included on the PBSCCS website, social media posts and podcasts for the year as “2023 PBSCCS All Star Sponsor”. In addition, you get a 1-minute commercial for our 2023 PBSCCS Webinars The Sponsorship included a premium location for your exhibit table during the MLB Winter Meetings. The PBSCCS Product Show will help to promote your company and product line. You will receive a confidential contact list to all major league strength coaches and minor league coordinators. You will also get an invitation to our cocktail reception. All Star sponsors will be recognized at the cocktail reception in front of the audience. This level of sponsorship also allows your company an opportunity to participate in our Friday morning WORKSHOP to demonstrate your products. This WORKSHOP is a free workshop that does not cost your company or the PBSCCS any money, therefore expense factors should be factored into what the workshop is going to entail.

Hall of Fame (HOF)

$ 15,000 Limited to 2 sponsors per year
  • The Hall of Fame Sponsorship level is an exceptional educational opportunity for your company to participate in our Saturday Education Symposium. The PBSCCS education committee will have the employee of your choice from your company work with us in the design of the presentation that is imbedded into our new education process of the winter meetings. Not only will you have visibility to all PBSCCS members, but you will be able to show the members of the PBSCCS the context in which your product is intended for. Your presentation will then be added to the PBSCCS website for all to see. Your presentation will need to be approved by the education committee before presenting to make sure it aligns with the requirements stated above. This presentation is not a sales pitch and is intended to be a way to help the PBSCCS members learn.
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