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Blended Approach Group Discussion (Part Two)



This episode of The PBSCCS Podcast is a group discussion on blending the weightroom and on-field skill development. This is Part Two of the interview.

-Logan Jones (Chicago White Sox)
-Nate Friedman (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Questions/topics covered in this episode:
-Assessments and training qualities
-Representative training and transfer of skill development
-Training under fatigue

-“To me, you’re looking for outliers. You’re looking for things that stand out on a normative scale” – Nate Friedman (6:29)
-“My first thought is I would be very skeptical of anyone that communicates in absolutes” – Logan Jones (16:31)
-“The best programs I’ve ever written were basically written by the player themselves through conversations” – Logan Jones (19:19)
-“I think there’s ways we can come up with better drills and better, more representative practice design to help mimic what the situations are going to be like in-game” – Nate Friedman (20:31)

If you would like to learn more from the guests on this episode, you can follow them on social media:

@logan_jones95 – Logan Jones

@Logan_Jones95 – Logan Jones

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