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Details Matter

Details Matter When Creating Patterns of Success

By Gene Coleman, Ed. D., RSCC*E

Being on time matters. Being focused matters. Being a good teammate matters. Following directions matters. Doing the little things matters. Doing things the right way matters. Respecting your parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, coaches, umpires and opponents matters. How you behave in the classroom matters. How you fuel your body matters. How much sleep you get matters. How you recover matters. How you work in the weight room matters. How you work during warm-ups matters. How you work in practice matters. How you perform in games matters. How you work between games matters. Your attitude matters. It ALL matters.


Gene Coleman, Ed. D., RSCC-E, FACSM, was the Head S&C Coach for the Houston Astros (1978-2012) and strength and conditioning consultant for the Texas Rangers (2013-2020).  He is Professor Emeritus in the Exercise and Health Sciences Program at the University of Houston – Clear Lake and Website Education Manager

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