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Interview with Phil Hartt (Part One)



Phil Hartt just completed his 8th season in professional baseball.  He worked for the Minnesota Twins from 2016-2018 before coming to the Detroit Tigers in 2019.  He has completed internships at Coastal Carolina University, University of Michigan Olympic Sports, University of Missouri Football, and a sport’s science position with the University of Minnesota M&W Hockey.  Other stops include coaching high school baseball for three seasons and working at three private sector facilities.


Pro Ball Resume

2016 Elizabethton Twins (rookie)

2017 Cedar Rapids Kernels (low a)

2018 Chattanooga Lookouts (AA)

2019 West Michigan Whitecaps (Low a)

2020-2021 Erie Seawolves (AA)

2022-Present Toledo Mudhens (AAA)

Topics covered in this episode:

-Getting a Master’s Degree from Australia
-His best professional baseball story
-Aerobic training
-Building a level system of development


-“I think that’s how strength coaches should operate, you know, be the test dummy for yourself. See how you respond to different methods and stimulus” (2:22)
-“I just love learning. I’m not the best student, but I love learning” (5:32)
-“There’s no reason everyone does the same program. A 17-year old Latin player compared to a potential Hall of Famer – they have different needs” (20:53)

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