Interview with Connor Rooney (Part One)



Connor Rooney is starting his 3rd season in professional baseball. Prior to working in Professional Baseball, Connor was a High Performance Trainer at Driveline Baseball from 2019-2022, and a Graduate Assistant Strength & Pitching Coach Connor Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science & Psychology from Keiser University in 2019. While playing at Keiser, Connor was the assistant pitching coach for his JV team, and interned with the Football team. Pro Ball Resume: January 2022 – June 2022: Rehab Hitting & Assistant Pitching Coach June 2022 – February 2023: Rehab Strength & Conditioning Coach February 2023 – September 2023: AA Strength & Conditioning Coach September 2023 – Present: Rehab Strength & Conditioning Coach

Topics covered in this episode:
-Superstition vs. Preparation
-Movement Screens
-Working in a rehab setting

-“I’m honestly open to anything. I just love helping guys perform well on the field” (5:45)
-“Some guys don’t have it on the table, but they do it on the mound. And then some guys are the opposite, they have it on the table, they don’t have it on the mound” (17:27)
-“Like I said, it can be very monotonous at times, but it’s a very different experience than you’d have going to an affiliate” (35:13)

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