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Interview with Connor Rooney (Part Two)



Connor Rooney is starting his 3rd season in professional baseball. Prior to working in Professional Baseball, Connor was a High Performance Trainer at Driveline Baseball from 2019-2022, and a Graduate Assistant Strength & Pitching Coach Connor Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science & Psychology from Keiser University in 2019. While playing at Keiser, Connor was the assistant pitching coach for his JV team, and interned with the Football team. Pro Ball Resume: January 2022 – June 2022: Rehab Hitting & Assistant Pitching Coach June 2022 – February 2023: Rehab Strength & Conditioning Coach February 2023 – September 2023: AA Strength & Conditioning Coach September 2023 – Present: Rehab Strength & Conditioning Coach

Topics covered in this episode:
-Learning through your own training
-Return to Peak Performance and what that entails
-Advice for others and continuing education resources

-“I just love the learning experience that I’m getting from actually going out and doing it myself” (4:23)
-“We tell the guys all the time the training should be fun” (21:29)
-“We don’t just want to return them to performance; we want them to return to the best they’ve ever been, if not better” (23:17)

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